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  • 2023-05-16
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  • 2017年山东省英语高考题答案

    第Ⅱ卷(共 40分)

    第四部分 任务型阅读


    China’s admiration of outstanding scholars has turned the well-preserved childhood home of TuYouyou, the Chinese pharmacologist who won this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, into a popular tourist destination.

    Since it was announced on Monday that 84-year-old Tu had become the first Chinese citizen to win the international prize, her former home in the old town of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, has attracted visitors, especially parents and their children-even though it is not open to the public.

    The house, which is for sale, is part of a complex of 37 traditional buildings, including several city-and district-level cultural relic preservation sites, that have been transformed into a high-end art and commercial zone.

    Tu won the prize for developing a lifesaving malaria drug, artemisinin, a staple of traditional Chinese medicine, which has helped save millions of lives across the globe.

    “There are continually parents taking their children, from infants in strollers to college students, to take photos in front of Tu’s former home. Security guards have been ordered to go on patrol around the clock,” said a sales person surnamed Zhao, from Ningbo Real Estate Inc Co.

    Shanghai resident Xu Lingfei, who was on a trip to Ningbo, took her 9-year-old son to walk around the complex on Wednesday.

    “Chinese people believe in exams and awards and have a strong preference for high performers. Taking children to visit the former dwelling places of celebrities is a way to inspire them to study harder,” Xu said.

    Something similar happened after Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2012.

    Tourists started visiting Mo’s former home in rural Gaomi, Shandong province, in an endless stream starting the day after he won the prize. Some even plucked the radishes planted in front of the house and carted away some bricks.

    Another site that has become a bigger tourist attraction these days because of Tu’s success is the Luofu Mountain scenic area in Huizhou, Guangdong province, where Ge Hong, a TCM master of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 317-340) picked herbs, developed herbal medicines and wrote the classic Manual of Clinical Practice and Emergency Remedies.

    After winning the Lasker Award in the United States in 2011, Tu said she and her team were inspired by Ge’s theory to solve the puzzle in getting artemisinin(青蒿素) from the herb Artemisia annual, also known as sweet wormwood.

    A garden and a monument on Luofu Mountain celebrate Ge’s dedication. The mountain is home to 3,000 species of plants, including more than 1,200 with medicinal uses.


    第一节 新概念III词汇检测:根据所给句义,进行同义缺词填空(首字母已给)(每空一词,每词1分)

    76. If the money was not paid in time, the gangsters would quickly make a man go bankruptcy.

    If the money was not paid p______, the gangsters would quickly put a man out of business.

    77. Only the children who are very good at saving money can fill up a money box successfully.

    Only very t_______ children manage to fill up a money box.

    78. Its wool, whose colour had been changed into black, had been washed clean by rain!

    Its wool, which had been d_______ black, had been washed clean by the rain!

    79. It has been calculated roughly that the bridge parked with cars would still be carrying a third of its total capacity.

    It has been e________ that if the bridge were parked with cars, it would still be carrying a third of its total capacity.

    80. These peculiar forms not only seemed designed to give a shock to people’s emotion, but also to give them electric shocks as well!

    These peculiar forms not only seemed designed to shock people e________, but to give them electric shocks as well!

    第二节 课本词汇考查:根据所给首字母提示, 写出语法和意义上均正确的词。(每空一词,每词1分)

    81. It’s recommended that the children under 12 not be p_______ to ride bicycles to school.

    82. No matter where I go, my a________ for my hometown will never be changed.

    83. Without proper measures a_______ immediately, the flood would have done greater damage to the village.

    84. While I have been away for more than a decade, everything here is still quite f________ to me.

    85. The study shows that positive leadership could make a big d_______ to employees’ performance.

    第六部分: 书面表达(满分20分,150词左右)



    When was the last time you had fun with your parents? Your parents are all busy during working days; during the weekends, you may want to hang out with them but they may have to work extra hours.

    This is not uncommon. In China, both of the parents have their jobs. Most of the parents try their best to offer their children comfortable circumstances, but they seldom have time to stay with their children. A recent survey done in the US found that more than half of American parents spend less than three hours having fun with their children each week.

    As the Daily Mail noted: Families are spending little quality time creating bonds and precious memories together during the week because of the demands of modern life.



    2. 简要分析父母陪伴孩子的时间越来越少的原因;

    3. 结合自己的经历,谈谈父母多陪伴孩子对其孩子的影响。


    1. 写作过程中不能直接引用原文语句;

    2. 作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称;

    3. 不必写标题。



    单选:21-25 ABCAB 26-30 BDDCA 31-35 BCADC

    完型:36-40 BDCDA 41-45 CADCB 46-50 CADAB

    阅读:51-53 CDC 54-57 CBDA 58-61 BDDC 62-65 CADB









    42题:由空后面的more aggressive可知,该空需要一个系动词,意为“变”故选A。




    46题:as 此处表示“当…时候”,引导的是时间状语从句,故选C。







    51细节题 Pictures of the Google vehicle show it looks like a city car with a “friendly” face, designed to make it seem non-threatening and help people accept self-driving technology. 可知答案为C


    53,主旨大意题 A,B, D 都是片面的。C,Self-driving cars are on the way.可以概括全文。



    54题:选C,主旨大意题。纵观全文即可得出C选项是正确的。A, B选项过于片面,从文章的最后一行便知D本身是错误说法。

    55题:选B,主旨大意题。根据文章对Radwan Jarrouj的描述,可以知道该部分主要说明了应该“谨慎进行”叙利亚难民工作,故选B。其它三个选项过于片面。


    57题:选A,细节理解题。文章倒数第二段第三行的but he’s doesn’t see any upside to accepting Syrian refugees.是他的观点,从紧接着他的解释“If we were to find out tomorrow that 1,000 people are coming into the Lehigh Valley next week, people are going to think, ‘Well, what if one of them was an ISIS terrorist who got through the cracks?’ ”便知。



    58,细节理解题 其中的high taxes, other’s aid 原文没有提到。答案B

    59,推理总结题,答案为D 文中第四段 Lee oversaw Singapore’s independence from Britain and separation from Malaysia.A New York Times article says that Lee saw himself in a never-ending struggle to overcome the nation’s lack of natural resources, a potentially hostile international environment and a unstable ethnic mix of Chinese, Malays and Indians.以及段第六段 Lee was famous for his “Singapore model”, sometimes criticized by the West as soft authoritarianism(独裁主义), including centralized power, clean government and economic liberalism

    可以得到他是far-sighted, determined, innovative


    A选项表述不准确, one of postwar Asia’s most respectable and controversial politicians,

    B 选项由Lee was famous for his “Singapore model”, sometimes criticized by the West as soft authoritarianism(独裁主义), 是错误的

    C选项由Lee’s sharp intellect meant his advice was sought by US presidents from Lyndon B Johnson to Barack Obama,可知是错误的。


    61,答案C, 综合引用各种对李光耀的是非功过的评价。



    62题:选C,细节理解题。从第三段第一句It’s still unclear how the boy became infected便知。根据文章第一句可知A是错的;C选项中的only one case文章没有提及;从第二段最后一句可知D是错误的。

    63题:选A,推理判断题。从第三段的He also said that his office believes this case is linked to what he calls “persistence(暂留)of the virus” in the semen of male Ebola survivors.可知他认为小男孩感染和男性精液中的病毒残留有关系,故选A。

    64题:细节理解题。从文章第五段The concern is that they continue to be sources of the deadly virus. Doctors have found Ebola staying in the eyes and spinal fluid of some survivors.可知人们关注的是这些幸存者体内仍然存留有埃博拉病毒,也就是说他们是病毒携带者,故选D。



    66. attraction 67. Phenomenon 68. condition 69. Reasons 705delivered/made

    71. killed/claimed 72. inspiration 73. example/case 74. continually 75. thanks/due/owing


    66,由第一段 popular tourist destination,可知attraction。


    68,well-preserved 转换为 in good condition


    70, make/deliver an announcement 固定搭配

    71 kill/claim one’s life 固定搭配

    72,Taking children to visit the former dwelling places of celebrities is a way to inspire them to study harder," Xu said. 词性转化 inspiration.

    73, 列举了莫言例子所以 case/example 均可

    74,in an endless stream starting the day after he won the prize. Some even plucked the radishes planted in front of the house and carted away some bricks. 所以可填continually

    75, because of = due/thanks/owing to

    单词拼写:76.promptly, 77.thrifty, 78.dyed, 79.estimated, 80.emotionally

    81.permitted, 82.affection, 83.adopted, 84.familiar, 85.difference

    Suggested version:

    Nowadays, it is not uncommon that parents spend little time accompanying their children, which may result from the demands of modern life and some other reasons.

    There are many factors accounting for this phenomenon. First, in contemporary society parents are facing more stress from living and work than before, so they have to spend most of their time making money. In addition, parents today are more easily distracted by various electronic products when keeping their children company.

    Take my own experience for example. Once upon a time, I got into trouble in my studies. It was my parents’ company and comfort that had a great effect on my regaining self-confidence. Plain and peaceful as it was, this experience left an unforgettable impression on me, which is of great significance to my growth.

    To conclude, it’s vital for parents to spend more time with their children. However busy parents are, they should afford their time to accompany their children.(158)




    1. --Have you ever seen Peter recently?

    --Yes. He _________ me to ask you how you ___________along with your new job these days.

    掘斗闭A. has asked; have been getting B. asked; were getting

    C. often asks; are getting D. asked; are getting

    2. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see___________ the next year

    A. carry out B. carrying out

    C. carried out D. to carry out

    3. --I'll help you whenever you need me,--I would love____________.

    A. you helping B. that you'll help

    C. you to help D. that you help

    4. I hope____________ the job she's applied for(申请).

    A. she's going to get B. she'll get

    C. she is to get D. she decides to get

    5. Mrs. Green wants to buy that kind of cloth because she___________ that the cloth__________ very well.

    A. has been told; washes B. is told; is washed

    C. has been told; is washed D. is told; is washed

    6. Let us not waste____________ time we have left.

    A. the little B. little C. a little D. a little more

    7. I think the doctor is able to cure of___________.

    A. all B. what C. whatever D. anything

    8. __________, we'll come to see you again.

    A. If time will permit B. Time permits

    C. Time permitting D. Time permitted

    9. --Nancy is not coming tonight. --But she __________!

    A. promises B. promised

    C. will promise D. had promised

    10.__________ some medals came to live in the sea is not known.

    A. Which B. Since C. Although D. How

    11. --Paul, I'd like to have a talk with you at tea break.

    -- __________ Have what with me?

    A. Yes, please. B. Sorry? C. Thanks. D. You're welcome.

    12. If you ____________ stop smoking, you can only expect to have a bad cough.

    A. won’t B. would not C. do not D. can not

    13. He's unlucky, and he's always suffering____________ luck one after another.

    A. a sick B. an ill C. sick D. ill

    14. The news about the terrible flood there greatly discouraged __________ there for sightseeing.

    A. us from going B. us to go C. our going D. our to go

    15. If I had__________, I’d visit Europe, stopping at all the small interesting places.

    A. a long enough holiday B an enough long holiday

    C. a holiday enough long D. a long holiday enough

    16. Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights happened to__________.

    A. put up B. give in C. be turned on D. go out

    17. Besides Tom, ________ Crosettes have two other sons, __________ of whom are all interested in making model planes.

    A. 不填; two B. 不填; the two

    C. the, three D. the, the three

    18. Mr. Zhang gave all textbooks to all the pupils, except___________ who had already taken tem.

    A. these B. those C. the ones D. the others

    19. ____________professional violinist practices for several hours a day, but____________ violinist has his own way of playing the Beethoven concert.

    A. Each, every B. Every, each C. One, a D. All, each

    20.—Who has taken my pen away?

    —__________. He was here a moment ago.

    A. It must be Li Ping B. It is Li Ping take

    C. Li Ping is D. Li Ping must take

    21. My dictionary__________. I have looked for it everywhere but still

    A. has lost; do not find B. is missing; do not find

    C. has lost; have not found D. is missing; have not found

    22. Shortly after the accident, two___________ police were sent to the spot to keep order.

    A. dozens of B. dozens C. dozen of D. dozen

    23. —May I have another chocolate?

    —Yes, of course.___________.

    A. Take it yourself B. Eat it, please

    C. Help yourself D. Have it yourself

    24. We will take________ wants to go there for a sight - seeing.

    A. whoever B. who C. anybody D. all that

    25. I caught the last bus from town, but Harry came home___________ that night.

    A. very late B. even later C. the same late D. the last one

    26. --What was the party like?

    --Wonderful. It is years_____________ I enjoyed myself so much.

    27. Isn't it very kind __________ your parents to do that for us?

    A. for B to C. about D. of

    28. There is a _________ of 1000 dollars for the return

    A. reward B. prize C. thank D. praise

    29. A man does not know the difficulty of anything_________ he does it personally.

    A. although B. if C. because D. unless

    30. I don't remember___________ to the airport that year.

    A. to be taken B. being taken C. having D. to take


    1.D文句的含义是:“近来你见到彼德了吗?”第一个答语是肯定的,后面的动作是过去的事,因此使用asked。第二空是否受asked的制约,要由离第二个空白处最近的动词决定,离它近的是动词不定式to ask,据此根据句意,第二个空白处应该使用现在进行时。

    2.C本题考查的是定语从句的用法。在这个定语从句里,they是其主语,would like to see是其复合谓语,that修饰的是先行词the plan,同时that也是see的宾语,the plan是被执行的,被实施的,只有过去分词可以表示被动。

    3.C本题考查的是动词不定式,应该掌握1 would love/like to do/have done这个固定用法。所以本题的正确答案是C。

    4.B will或shall用来表示希望或期望。因此在表示与希望有关的动词或动词短语的宾语从句中的将来时态时,要用will或shall。这些动词或短语是:hope,expect,be sure,believe,think,suppose,doubt和be afraid等。

    5.A根据语境,第一个空白处应该使用现在完成时的被动语态,第二个空白处应该选用washes,因为wash这个动词也可作不及物动词使用,它的词意是“耐洗”。英语中This cloth washes well表达的是:这布很耐洗。

    6.A一般地说,不定代词many,little或few前是不许使用定冠词的,但是如果他们修饰的名词有特指或限定意义时,它们前面就应使用定冠词了。如:I soon finished the few books she had lent me.(她借给我的那几本书,我很快就看完了乎)

    7.C whatever具备两个意思,其一是no matter what,引导让步状语从句;其二是anything that,引导名词性从句,在本题中,whatever引导的是一个宾语从句,whatever 在这个宾语从句中被用作主语。


    9.B本题是对动词的时态的考查,考生只要抓住句中not coming,说明“答应”发生的时间是在过去。故使用动词的一般过去式。


    11.B本题是交际用语的考查。解此题的关键是看到答句中have what with me,说明说话人没有听清楚问话人,只有B项符合题意。

    12.A will除了用作表示将来时的助动词外,还可用来强调愿意或不愿意。又如:If you will/would wait a moment,1 will fetch the money。但是在表示不肯或不愿意时,则只能使用won't,不能使用would not。


    14.A discourage与encourage互为反义词。英语中说“鼓励某人做某事”时使用encourage sb.to do sth.,但如果表示“使某人没勇气做某事”时,不能用discourage sb.to do sth.,其正确形式是:discourage sb from doing stho



    17.D在英语的姓氏前使用定冠词,表示的是这个姓氏的一家人或这个姓氏的夫妇:“the+数词+0f+代词”这一结构表示该代词的总数是前面的数词表示的数量, 而“数词+.of+代词”结构中的代词表示的量肯定大于前面数词表示的数量。

    18.C one本来是数词,但也可用作不定代词,代替前面刚提到的一个东西或人,避免重复前面刚提到的名词,有时one可以有自己的定语或冠词,甚至可以有复数形式。

    19.B every与each都是指“每一个”,但内涵不一样。every与all含义很接近。英文中常用every进行概括,强调事物或人的总体性,而each则表示个别概念,当我们说each violinist时,我们想到的是每个不同的人做着不同的事。


    21.D lose是个及物动词,如果要表示某物丢失了,只能用被动语态。A项与C项 使用的都是其主动形式。missing是形容词,其词义是:lost;not to be found(丢失了), 据此,第一空缺处应填人is missing。根据语境,第二个空缺处应填使用现在完成时的否定形式,因为它可以表示目前还未发生的动作。

    22.D英语中一些表示数字的名词的前面如果用了数词,这些名词必须是单数形式,如dozen(一打),score(二十)和head(头)等,例如:另外两打鸡蛋another two dozen eggs。但是如果这些名词用来虚指某些可数名词时,这些名词呈复数形式,其后要加上介词of,例如:dozens of pencils(几十支铅笔)。

    23.C本题是口语中习惯用法。help yourself表示“请自便”。考生只要理解了题意便能比较容易找出答案。

    24.A whoever具备两个意思,其一是no matter who,引导让步状语从句;其二是anyone who,引导名词性从句,在本题中,whoever引导的是一个宾语从句,whoever在这个宾语从句中用作主语。


    26.D英语中“It is+时间”有三种不同的用法。其一是:“It is+时间+that…”,这是强调结构的句型;其二是:“It is+一段时间before…”,这一句型的意思是:“完这个从句所表示的事所需的时间量”;其三是:“It is+一段时间+since...”这一句型表示的是从从句中动词的动作起所延续的时间。

    27.D本题是固定用法的考查。It is+形容词+of/for+sb.+t0 do是固定的句型。但两个句型用法不同,如果形容词表示人的性质,如kind,nice等必须用of。

    28.A本题是词语辨析题。只要理解the return of the gold ring,考生就能知道1000 dollars是作为答谢,故用reward。

    29.D连词unless本身具有否定意义:i£..not,引导的是否定的条件句,这种否定的条件句从反面来强调的语气,一些语法学家称它为“反面的惟一条件句”,如: One cannot master a foreign language well unless he studies it hard.






    If we were asked exactly what we were doing a year ago,we should probably have to say that we could not remember But if we had kept a book and had written in it an account of what we did each day,we should be able to give an answer to the question.

    It is the same in history Many things have been forgotten because we do not have any written account of them Sometimes men did keep a record of the most important happenings in their country,but often it was destroyed by fire or in a war.Sometimes there was never any written record at all because the people of that time and place did not know how to Write.For example,we know a good deal about the people who lived in China 4,000 years ago, because they could write and leave written records for those who lived after them.But we know almost nothing about the people who lived even 200 years ago in central Africa. because they had not learned to write. Sometimes.of course,even if the people cannot write,they may know something of the past.They have heard about it from older people,and often songs and dances and stories have been made about the most important happenings,and these have been sung and acted and told for many generations For most people are proud to tell what their fathers did in the past.This we may call ‟remembered history’.Some of it has now been written down. It is not so exact or so valuable to us as written history is,because words are much more easily changed when used again and again in speech than when copied in writing.But where there are no written records,such spoken stories are often very helpful.

    41. Which of the following ideas is not suggested in the passage?

    A.“Remembered history”,compared with written history,is less reliable

    B.Written records of the past play the most important role in our learning of the human history.

    C.A written account of our daily activities helps US to be able to answer many questions.

    D.Where there are no written records.there is no history.

    42.We know very little about the central Africa 200 years ago because

    A.there was nothing worth being written down at that time

    B .the people there ignored the importance of keeping a record

    C.the written records were perhaps destroyed by a fire

    D.the people there did not know how to write

    43.“Remembered history”refers to

    A.history based on a person‟s imagination

    B .stories of important happenings passed down from mouth to mouth

    C .songs and dances about the most important events

    D .both B and C

    44.“Remembered history”is regarded as valuable only when

    A. it is written down

    B .no written account is available

    C.it proves to be time

    D.people are interested in it

    45 .The passage suggests that we could have learned much more about our past than we do now if the ancient people had

    A.kept a written record of every past event

    B. not burnt their written records in wars

    C.told exact stories of the most important happenings

    D.made more songs and dances


    land produces

    Although the United States covers so much land and the land produces far more food than the present population needs,its people are by now almost entirely an urban society Less than a tenth of the people are engaged in agriculture and forestry(林业),and most of the rest live in or around towns,small and large.Here the traditional picture is changing:every small town may still be very like other small towns,and the typical small town may represent a widely accepted view of the country,but most Americans do not live in small towns any more.Half the population now lives in some thirty metropolitan areas(1arge cities with their suburbs、of more than a million people each—a larger proportion than in Germany or England,let alone France.The statistics(统计)of urban and rural population should be treated with caution because so many people who live in areas classified as rural travel by car to work in a nearby town each day.As the rush to live out of town continues.rural areas within reach of towns are gradually filled with houses,so that it is hard to say at what moment a piece of country becomes a suburb But more and more the typical American lives in a metropolitan rather than a small town environment.

    36.If now America has 250 million people.how many of them are engaged in agriculture and forestry?

    A.About 25 million.

    B.More than 25 million.

    C.Less than 25 million.

    D. Less than 225 million

    37.Which of the following four countries has the smallest proportion of people living in metropolitan areas?

    A.United States.




    38.What’s the meaning of the word“metropolitan”in the middle of the passage?

    A .Of a large city with its suburbs.

    B.Of small and large towns.

    C.Of urban areas.

    D.Of rural areas.

    39.According to the passage,what can we learn about small towns in the United States?

    A Most small towns become gradually crowded

    B.Small towns are still similar to each other.

    C.As the traditional picture is changing,towns are different.

    D .Small towns are turning into large cities

    40.Why is it hard to say when a piece of country becomes a suburb?

    A.Because they are the same.

    B.Because the rush takes place too quickly

    C.Because the process is gradual.

    D.Because more and more Americans live in metropolitan



    There are stories about two U.S . presidents,Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren,which attempt to explain the American English term OK.We don‟t know if either story is true,but they are both interesting. The first explanation is based on the fact that President Jackson had very little education.In fact,he had difficulty reading and writing.When important papers came to Jackson,he tried to read them and then had his assistants explain what they said.If he approved of a paper.he would write“all correct”on it.The problem was that he didn‟t know how to spell.So what he really wrote was“ol korekt”.After a while,he shortened that term to“OK”.

    The second explanation is based on the place where President Van Buren was born,Kinderhook,New York.Van Bnren‟s friends organized a club to help him become President They caned the club the Old Kinderhook Club,and anyone who supported Van Buren was called“OK”.

    31.The author

    A. believes both of the stories

    B.doesn‟t believe a word of the stories

    C is not sure whether the stories are true

    D. is telling the stories just for fun

    32. According to the passage,President Jackson

    A.couldn‟t draw up any documents at all

    B. didn‟t like to read important papers by himself

    C.often had his assistants sign documents for him

    D .wasn‟t good at reading,writing or spelling

    33.According to the first story, the term “OK”

    A. was approved of by President Jackson

    B.was the title of some Official documents

    C.was first used by President Jackson

    D.was an old way to spell“all correct’’

    34 .According to the second story,the term‘‘OK”

    A.was the short way to say‘‘old Kinderhook Club”

    B.meant the place where President Van Buren was born

    C.was the name of Van Buren‟s club

    D.was used to call Van Buren‟s supporters in the election

    35.According to the second story.the term“OK”was first used

    A.by Van Buren

    B.in a presidential election

    C.to organize the Old Kinderhook Club

    D.by the members of the‘‘Old Kinderhook Club”






    How to Improve Vocabulary Fast

    Your vocabulary refers to the words in a language you are familiar with. We should learn some ways to expand it.

    Read every day. 36 Choose reading material that is slightly above your level and keep a dictionary with you to look up words you do not know.

    37 If you do not meet with an unfamiliar word in your daily reading, use your dictionary to search for one.

    Learn the correct definition and pronunciation for each new word. Pronunciation is as important as definition because in order to add a word to your active vocabulary, you must be able to use it in speech.

    Elaborate(阐释)on the meaning of the word. Use imagery and personal relevance. If you have just learned the word “stubborn”, think about the neighbor who will not lend you his car. 38

    Use your new word in speech and in writing. E-mail your sister about how your cat is stubborn about sleeping on your pillow. 39 But the more you use it, the more fluent you will become in its use. Soon it will be a regular part of your active vocabulary.

    Tell everyone you are trying to increase your vocabulary. Encourage them to ask you what your latest word is. 40 The more you explain the meaning of a word to someone, the more likely you are to remember it.

    A. Or let them ask for the definition of a new word you have used.

    B. Your vocabulary contains the words you understand.

    C. The vocabulary can be increased.

    D. Imagine him shaking his head, and think of him as “巧纤瞎stubborn in his refusal”.

    E. The first time you use a new word in speech, it may seem clumsy and forced.

    F. Find a new word every day

    G. The more often you read, the faster your vocabulary can grow.


    第一节 完型填空(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分)


    Do you know insurance? Buying insurance is a 41 by which people can protect themselves 42 large losses. Protection against fire is one kind of insurance. Large numbers of people pay 43 sums of money to an insurance company. Although thousands of people have paid for fire insurance, only 44 will lose their homes by fire. The insurance company will pay for these homes out or the sums of money it has 45 .

    The first modern fire insurance company was 46 in London, England in 1666. A great fire had just 47 most of the city, and people wanted protection against 48 losses. The first company 49 rapidly. Soon other companies were founded in other areas.

    Benjamin Franklin helped form the first fire insurance company in America in 1752. He also 50 a new kind of insurance for 51 . The new insurance would offer protection against the loss of crops 52 storms.

    In 1795, Benjamin Franklin helped start 53 new insurance company in America. This company, 54 offered life insurance, collected some money 55 from many different men. 56 a man died, his family was given a large sum of money. Today, this company is 57 in business.

    Over the years, people have 58 from many new kinds of insurance when they have suffered from 59 accidents as car and plane crashes. 60 , almost everyone has some kind of insurance.

    41. A. way B. firm C.consideration D. means

    42. A.. from B. against C. with D. beyond

    43. A. small B. huge C. much D. little

    44. A. many B. little C. few D. a few

    45. A. stole B. collected C. lent D. brought

    46. A. built B. found C. formed D. organized

    47. A. destroyed B. hurt C. harmed D. wounded

    48. A. farther B. further C. wider D. longer

    49. A. risen B. rised C. grew D. turned

    50. A. suggested B. determined C. asked D. demanded

    51. A. farmers B. workers C. waiters D. doctors

    52. A. with B. by C. from D. for

    53. A. other B. certain C. another D. some

    54. A. where B. which C. whom D. that

    55. A. commonly B. usually C. regularly D. ordinary

    56. A. If B. Although C. Unless D. Because

    57. A. always B. still C. hardly D. seldom

    58. A. paid B. offered C. bought D. benefited

    59. A. many B. so C. such D. that

    60. A. Today B. Generally C. Lately D. Tomorrow






    Polar bears are suffering in a 61 (warm) world.

    Polar bears live in environments too cold for most animals. 62 much of the year, they live and hunt on the frozen Arctic sea ice. Nature has prepared 63 for the cold conditions. But nothing has prepared the bears for the danger that 64 (threat) the only home they know.

    The polar bears’ world is melting. Studies show that the polar ice has reduced by 9.8% every 10 years 65 1978. Now about 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears live in the Arctic. Polar bears depend on the sea ice for their 66 (survive). “The sea ice is more than just this platform that the bears walk over,” says Andrew Derocher, 67 scientist who studies North American polar bear populations. “ 68 it, they can’t exist.”

    Some melting and refreezing of the polar ice is natural. 69 in a warmer world, these cycles speed up, and bears have less time to hunt. Normally, they have three months in the spring when they gain more weight. The extra fat is used later, 70 the bears are not actively hunting.

    第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)




    删除:把多余的词用斜线( \ )划掉。


    注意:1. 每处错误及修改均仅限一词;

    2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从11处起)不计分;

    3. 错误类型不涉及单词拼写。

    Good relationships between teachers or students are important to teaching and learning. Only with good relationships can student and teachers cooperate well.

    Good relationships depended on both sides. On the one hand, students should respect teachers and our hard work. They should polite to teachers and ready to following their advice. On an other hand, teachers should be kindly, friendly and patient to students. They must be responsible on their teaching and help students. If both sides treat to each other in a friendly way, teaching and learning in class will be highly efficient.


    假如你叫李华,你和父母在英国旅游期间于1月28日至30日入住Forest Hotel酒店,但对其提供的服务不满意,请发电子邮件给酒店的管理者进行投诉,要求其道歉并改进服务质量。

    1. 搬运工送到房间的皮箱破损;

    2. 卫生间漏水;

    3. 楼下酒吧有噪音,并持续到很晚,影响休息。

    注意:1. 文章必须包括所有要点。可适当增加细节,以使文章连贯。

    2. 词数120.

    3. 参考词汇:搬运工porter n; 皮箱suitcase n; 漏水leak vi.



    1~5.BACBA 6~10.BBCCA 11~15.CCABA 16~20.CABCB



    A. 21—24 CDCA B. 25—28 DABA 29—32 BBCD 33--35 DBA

    第二节(共12.5,每小题2.5分):36—40 GFDEA


    第一节 完型填空(共30分,每小题1.5分):

    41-45 DAADB 46-50CABCA 51-55ABCBC 56-60 ABDCA

    第二节 语法填空(共15分 ,每小题1.5分):

    61.warmer 62.For/During 63.them 64.threatens 65.since 66.survial 67.a 68.Without

    69.But 70.when

    第四部分 写作(共35分)

    第一节 短文改错(共10分每小题1分):





    5.should改为should be





    10.treat to 去掉to

    第二节 书面表达(共25分):One Possible Version

    Dear Manager,

    My name is Li Hua. I stayed at your hotel, Forest Hotel, during my visit to the UK from Jan 28 to 30 with my parents. However, the service in your hotel left much to be desired. I’m writing this email to express my opinion.

    First, we found our suitcases broken after they were carried to our room by one of your porters. Second, water was leaking out of the toilet in the bathroom. Third, the noise from the bar downstairs went on so late into the night each night that we couldn’t get good rest.

    For the above reasons, I have to say that the service in your hotel is of poor quality. Therefore, I would like to receive a written apology from you. Meanwhile, I hope you can improve your service in the future so that none of the above happens again.

    Yours sincerely,

    LI HUA


    I work with Volunteers for Wildlife, a rescue and education organization at Bailey Arboretum in LocustValley. Trying to help injured, displaced or sick creatures can be heartbreaking; survival is never certain. However, when it works, it is simply beautiful.


    I got a rescue call from a woman in Muttontown. She had found a young owl on the ground. When I arrived, I saw a 2-to 3-week-old owl. It had already been placed in a carrier for safety.


    I examined the chick and it seemed fine. If I could locate the nest, I might have been able to put it back, but no luck. My next work was to construct a nest and anchor it in a tree.


    The homeowner was very helpful. A wire basket was found. I put some pine branches into the basket to make this nest safe and comfortable. I placed the chick in the nest, and it quickly calmed down.


    Now all that was needed were the parents, but they were absent. I gave the homeowner a recording of the hunger screams of owl chicks. These advertise the presence of chicks to adults; they might also encourage our chick to start calling as well. I gave the owner as much information as possible and headed home to see what news the night might bring.


    A nervous night to be sure, but sometimes the spirits of nature smile on us all! The homeowner called to say that the parents had responded to the recordings. I drove over and saw the chick in the nest looking healthy and active. And it was accompanied in the nest by the greatest sight of all — LUNCH!The parents had done their duty and would probably continue to do so.