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  • 2023-05-05
  • 世纪英语综合教程1第八版PPT
  • 综合英语教程2详细答案
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  • 世纪英语综合教程1第八版PPT



    yesteday was National Day; . I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother went to jiaoganghu by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain, I feel a little tired,it began to rain,My West Lake silk umbrella missed,. Dad said to me,“Jane, don’t do anything halfway.”at last,So I insisted reached the top, the top of the scenery so beautiful.We were flying kites, I was thirsty, my mother bought me a bottle of water, .finally we went home.finally,Since then, I've kept the umbrella。I was very happy


    The Answers to Unit 1 Enhance Your Language Awareness (I) Working with Words and Expressions 2. (1) obtain (2) confident (3) communicate (5) relevant (6) helpful (7) extreme (9) means (10) process (11) particularly (13) astonished (14) apparently 3. (1) fond of (4) To a certain degree (7) rid… of (10) at all costs (13) similar to (4) advantage (8) enjoyable (12) characters (2) is…related to (3) according to (5) vice versa (6) no doubt (8) cleared up (9) or else (11) sure enough (12) let alone (14) It’s no use (15) in my opinion (16) was worth (II) Increasing Your Word Power 1. (1) c (2) d (3) b (4) b (5) b (6) d 2. (1) highly/very (2) quite/very (3) quite/very/increasingly (4) quite/simply/very 3. Adverbs efficiently particularly fluently quickly cheaply continually probably adventurously finally steadily slowly solemnly really apparently tentatively exactly 4. No Mistake especial→ especially necessarily → necessary frequent → frequently No Mistake easily → easy No Mistake individually → individual much → many high → highly Adjectives efficient particular fluent quick cheap continual probable adventurous final steady slow solemn real apparent tentative exact

    apparently → apparent remarkably → remarkable probable → probably No Mistake (III) Grammar Task 1: (1) would/should (2) should/would (5) must (6) can’t (3) might (7) should would (4) would (8) must Task 2: (1) We passed the afternoon very pleasantly, roller-skating in the sun and talking about our childhood under a tree. / The afternoon passed very pleasantly, while we roller-skated in the sun and talked about our childhood under a tree. (2) On entering the lecture hall, I was surprised at the size of the crowd. / When I entered the lecture hall, I was surprised at the size of the crowd. (3) When I was only a small boy, my father took me to Beijing and we had a lot of fun together. (4) To write well, a person must read good books. (IV) Cloze (1) doubt (2) efficient (3) where (4) advantage (5) afford (7) fluently (8) qualified (9) extent (10) ridiculous (11) perfect (13) because (14) individual (6) claim (12) as (V) Translation 1. Translate the sentences (1) The baby can’t even crawl yet, let alone walk. (2) Will claimed he was dining with a group of friends at the time of the murder, but in my opinion he told a lie. (3) To a certain extent the speed of reading is closely related to reading skills; and with reading skills you can cope with outside class reading better. (4) According to the regulation/rule, they both can play the game/participate in the game. (5) Some people assume that there is a Chinese equivalent for every Japanese word. (6) We have passed all the relevant information on to the police. (7) There/ It is no use asking me any more questions about that matter because I won’t answer. (8) It was a mistake on Jim’s part to sign the contract without reading it carefully. (9) They refused to provide us with all the information we need. (10) This accident is very similar to the one that happened three years ago. (11) The film is based on a play by/ of Shakespeare. (12) If you have a good command/ mastery of English and computer skills, you will surely have an advantage over others in finding a job/ in job-hunting. 2. Translate the paragraph 近年来英语教学法有了很大的改变, 但是还是有大量的教学活动建立在行为主义心理学 基础之上。 那些信奉行为主义心理学理论的教师热衷于让学生复述短语, 并迫使学生做一些 只需不断更换句中某个词的练习。假如我们是鹦鹉或黑猩猩,那么这些方法或许能奏效。但 我们不是。人类的语言交际必须是真实、有意义的。


    A teacher who studies education has done a lot of research on students with excellent grades, and found that the most intelligent students can always get high scores if they don't see them. According to the professor, other education experts and top students, it is more important for students to know how to give full play to their potential.


    The top students in the class are excellent because they have mastered several basic principles. First of all, top students know how to prioritize. They never sacrifice their study time to make a phone call, watch TV or eat snacks. In other words, learning is always before entertainment.


    In addition, top students always pay attention to learning anytime, anywhere. A student with excellent performance is also an excellent athlete. He uses outdoor training time to recite biology terms every day. Another student used the time of brushing his teeth every morning to remember a new word. Without exception, all the students interviewed believed that when to study was a matter of personal preference.


    Some people learn well in the dead of night, while others like to start learning when they can clearly remember what they say in class. Nevertheless, all the top students agree that if you want to perform well at any time, one of the main factors is perseverance.


    Students must also learn to be organized. For example, there is a top student who is active in school bands, track and field teams, rugby associations and debate groups. He revealed that he kept things in order because he couldn't afford to waste time looking for things everywhere.


    Another student likes to organize the notes of the day immediately and put them in the folders marked with different colors so that they can be used for review at any time near the exam. Another skill that the top students advocate is effective reading, which includes fast reading, improving memory and asking questions to fully understand the author's meaning.





    常见的引导表语从句的从属连词(Subordinating Conjunction)有when,where,why,who,how,that。它们都有代词(Pronoun)词性,即具备名词(Noun)性质,所以可以引导主语从句、同位语从句、宾语从句、表语从句全部四种名词性从句。

    用来说明主语的身份、性质、品性、特征和状态的,表语常由名词、形容词、副词、介词短语、不定式、动词的-ing、从句来充当,它常位于系动词(be, become, appear, seem,look,sound,feel,get,smell等词)之后。如果句子的表语也是由一个句子充当的,那么这个充当表语的句子就叫做表语从句。


    Words in Action

    P23 2. 1) compromise 2) self-induced3) steered4) frame 5) demonstrated

    6) employ7) promote 8) impressed 9) contribution 10) deliberately

    11)financial 12) economic

    3. 1) makes a point of2) refresh my memory3) lead to4) at hand

    5) working out 6) under pressure7) Last butnot least 8) took…down

    9) in addition to 10) were involved in 11) inother words

    12) pointed out13) pay off

    P31. Cloze

    1) academic 2) priorities3) conducted4) principles 5) begin

    6) priority 7) compromised 8) addition9) filing10)speaking 11) formula 12)Participation/ Participating 13) based 14)least

    15) way16) pressure


    1)The judge asked the reporters not to disclosethe name of the victim.

    2)The teacher took pains to make sure that weall understood what he said.

    3)Recently the school conducted a surveyamong those students who have attained academic excellence.

    4)He said he would accept the job, so we haveasked him to confirm his acceptance by writing us a letter.

    5)George studies very hard. He wants to makethe most of his chance to learn.

    6)We can’t go. To begin with, it’s too cold.Besides, we’re busy.

    7)It’s about time that someone spoke up forthese basic truths / facts.

    8)You should be working instead of lyingthere in bed at this time of the day.

    9)I’ll jot down some notes while he’sspeaking.

    10) Ican’t carry the suitcase on my own. It’s too heavy.P54. Words in Action

    2.1) obtain 2) confident 3) communicate 4) advantage 5) relevant

    6) helpful 7) extreme8) enjoyable 9) means10) process

    11) particularly 12) characters 13) astonished 14) apparently

    3. 1) fond of 2) is … related to 3) find out 4) To a certain extent

    5) vice versa 6) no doubt 7) rid … of 8) cleared up 9) or else

    10) at all costs 11) sure enough 12) let alone 13)in his hurry

    14) It’sno use15) in myview 16)was worth


    1. doubt2. efficient3.where4. advantage 5. afford

    6. claim7. fluently8. qualified 9. extent10. ridiculous

    11. perfect12. as13. because 14. individual


    1)Thebaby can’teven crawl yet, let alone walk!

    2)Willclaimed he was dining with a group of friends at the time of the murder, but inmy opinion he told a lie.

    3)Toa certain extent the speed of reading is closely related to reading skills; andwith reading skills you can cope with outside class reading better.

    4)Canyou take a look at the engine to see what’s wrong?

    5)Somepeople assume that there is a Chinese equivalent for every Japanese word.

    6)Wehave passed all relevant information on to the police.

    7)Thereis no use asking me any more questions about that matter because I won’t answer.

    8)Itwas a mistake on Jim’spart to sign the contract without reading it carefully.

    9)Theyrefused to provide us with all the information we need.

    10) Thisaccident is very similar to the one that happened three years ago.

    11) Thefilm is based on a play by Shakespeare.

    12) Ifyou have a good command of English and computer skills, you will surely have anadvantage over others in finding a job.

    Unit 3

    Words in Action

    P832. 1)awkward 2)relief3)occur4) options 5)disturbing6)released 7)pausing

    8)scattered 9)swallowed10)wipe11)treat 12) recall

    3. 1)became wellacquainted with 2)took us bysurprise3) gather our thoughts4) turned out 5)fight back 6) hang up on 7)ran away 8) take care of 9)hemmed andhawed10)turned into 11) keep from12) soaking up


    1)recent 2)surprise3)sad / solemn4) keeping 5)disturbing 6)inquiries7)admitted8)occurred 9)surgery10)options11) tightly12)soaking

    13) scent 14)gatherings

    P89 Translation

    1)We are good friends; however, he kept suchan important matter from me, which took me by surprise.

    2)At the commencement, she felt a lump in herthroat but fought back her tears.

    3)Tom chatted with me last night. He told methat his disease had been under control, and there was no need for surgery.

    4)Her parents were worried sick when theyknew that she had run off the highway.

    5)She looks very worried; I wonder what’s onher mind.

    6)He is a shy and quiet boy. Before he wentonto the stage to share his experiences, he sat quietly in a corner of theauditorium, gathering his thoughts.

    7)After several years of working in a band,he has now gone back to being a solo musician, so his career has come fullcircle.

    8)To his relief his son has turned into acapable businessman.

    Unit 4


    2.1)conflict 2)overcome 3) have survived4) attend

    5)frowned 6)wander7)guilty 8)sustained 9)survey

    10)terrified 11)insurance 12) Adapting

    3. 1)was sick of 2)chokingback 3)Comparedwith

    4)settledinto 5)would giveanything / the world

    6)in themidst of7)in his ownright8)workedout 9)fit inwith

    10)grew apart11)No wonder12)staying up13)was annoyed with

    14)was scared of15)in trouble16)For instance

    P120 Cloze

    1) beamed2)honorable3)awkward4)protested5)complaints6)compliments7)stubborn8)frowned9)recall



    P121 Translation

    1) Manyteachers frowned on this practice。

    2) An oldman glared at me when I was trying to cut across the lawn。

    3) When Imentioned my father, she showed a smile of recognition on herface。

    4) Myfirstborn was quite obedient, whereas my younger child was very stubborn。I can still recall now how the younger child insisted on goingabroad to study after he finished his secondary school.

    5) Countriesin South East Asia sustained great losses whenthe tsunami struck the area.

    6) Everytime the mother tries to compare the younger brother with his elder brother,the younger one will protest.

    7) Hefound himself unable to fit in with his classmates when he first came to thisschool.

    8) Thefury on her face terrified me. I dared not say no to her again.

    9) Nowonder you ended up in trouble. You never followed your parents’ advice.

    10) It took him two years to adapt to the newenvironment.

    Unit 5


    1.1) reveals2) behaving3) handle 4) influenced5) satisfied 6) entertaining

    7) inherit8) affect9) confronted10) resistance11) isolated 12) restrict13)optimistic14) selfish 15) sensitive

    2. 1) summedup2) have an impact on3) respond 4) expand your horizons5) fallsinto

    6) at work7) shut myself off 8) in control of 9) free from 10)in good shape

    P164 Cloze

    1) indicate 2) responds 3) represent / reflect4)absolutely 5) preference6) harsh

    7) specific 8) traits 9) individual10) immature 11) effort12) persistent

    13) achieve 14) inherits

    P165 Translation

    1)William likes the girl a lot so he tries very hard to impress herand is optimistic that he will win her heart.

    2)He is very creative and has a good vision of the future, but helikes to keep things to himself.

    3)They came from a poor village where people were shut off from themodern civilization.

    4)We must work hard and make an effort to achieve the goals that wehave set.

    5)We should learn to be content with all that we have and should notbe critical about things around us.

    6)They often represent our school in debating competitions; tonight wewill throw a party to celebrate their success.

    7)Through reading, not only has he expanded his horizon, he has alsolearned to keep improving his character.

    8)Two policemen sacrificed their lives in order to save that girl fromthe fire.

    9)A stable relationship without conflicts between husband and wife benefitsthe children in the family.

    10) Don’t complain about your fate and make the best of your life.

    Unit 6


    2. 1)deliberate2) deserted3) ignore 4) adjusted5) neglect 6) violence

    7) decreased 8) incident9) instincts10) swing 11) inescapable12) aware

    3. 1) in a badlight2) feel like3) Cooped up 4) are taking up / take up

    5)tucked away6) lose his temper7) shut up 8) side by side

    9) give a good reason for10) on the rise11) put an end to ; put an end to

    12) for the most part

    P194 Cloze

    1) alternatives2) current 3) decline4) rude5) disrespectful6) ignore

    7) gestures 8) sheer9) courteously10) media 11) spreading12) trend

    13) sections 14) lax15) ignorant


    1)There is no other alternative, all you cando is to adjust yourself to the new environment.

    2)For most people, wealth and fame does / donot contribute much to creating a sense of well-being.

    3)The house has been deserted for a long timeand there is a thick layer of dust on the furniture.

    4)The teacher did not think the boy’s act wasdeliberate, so he chose to ignore it and gave him another chance.

    5)It was that incident that made me see himin a completely different light.

    6)The report points out that the fire was dueto his neglect of duty.

    7)It is rude to spit in public. I want you toput a stop to such bad behavior.

    8)Basically, there is nothing wrong with hislearning ability. What is at the root of the problem is his lack of interest inlanguage learning.


    2. 1)delivered 2)released3) permission4) rented5) miserable

    6) exploded 7) pressed 8) motion9) enthusiasm 10) blessed

    11)trembled 12) attached 13) inquired 14) deserve

    3. 1) gowrong 2) broke down 3) on m way to4) by himself 5) in time

    6) deal with7) breezed through 8) had goneby 9) To my surprise


    1) dealing 2) significant3) attention4) scold 5) impatient6) settle

    7)blame 8) defend 9) hurting 10) encountered11) miserable

    12)sincerely13) assistance 14) enthusiasm


    1)Straighten up. Your feet should keep timeto the rhythm of the music.

    2)If you are going to the movie this weekend,count me in.